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Our seasoned attorneys are prepared to battle difficult insurance companies on your behalf, in and out of trial.

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We understand the negative effects of criminal charges on someone's life, so we fight tirelessly for our clients' future.

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For over 15 years we have helped families in Rockville, Maryland navigate the confusing family law process.

Criminal Law & Personal Injury Attorneys in Rockville, Maryland

Farrokh Mohammadi

Attorney at Law

For over a decade, Farrokh Mohammadi has assisted numerous clients with family and personal injury law matters. After experiencing the complexities of the legal system at a young age, Farrokh decided that he wanted to help others navigate the legal process. Before becoming a partner at Mohammadi & Humayun Attorneys at Law, he worked as an associate at another local law firm where he gained experience handling complex family and personal injury law cases. Today as an accomplished attorney, Farrokh strives to help his clients and their families find legal solutions that fit their goals and needs.

Asim Humayun

Asim Humayun

Attorney at Law

Asim Humayun started his career in law as a public defender working extensively on criminal matters. It was during this time that Asim saw the social injustices of the criminal law system and chose to open his own practice, Mohammadi & Humayun Attorneys at Law. Today as a managing partner, Asim practices criminal defense and personal injury law. As a skilled attorney, Asim understands that sometimes his clients need both a fierce advocate and dedicated legal counsel. Asim is always prepared to fight for his clients' cases in and out of the courtroom because these verdicts put his clients' futures on the line.


"Our goal is to handle the legal complexities so you can focus on the future."

Farrokh Mohammadi

We Take A personalized Approach to Law

What makes us different? We got into law because we have seen the dark side of the legal system and wanted to help individuals and their families. Mohammadi & Humayun Attorneys at Law is not another cookie-cutter firm. We personally get to know our clients and ensure that their wishes and needs are at the forefront of every legal decision we make together. Our combined experience allows us to handle a wide variety of legal issues while our firm size grants us the ability to give every client's case the personalized attention it deserves.

Whether you're looking for help with a complicated divorce, a heated child custody dispute, or post-judgment enforcement and modification, we're ready to put your interests first in family law. Our skilled attorneys will help you achieve your goals by creating a customized strategy for your case.

Family law, criminal defense, and personal injury are rarely simple, but at Mohammadi & Humayun Attorneys at Law, we try to remove the confusion by making the process as straightforward as possible. You don't have to face the legal process alone — our skilled attorneys can provide you with clear direction on your legal matters.

We truly believe that making the right decisions for you and your family will have an impact on future generations. No matter who you are or what you've been through, Mohammadi & Humayun Attorneys at Law will provide you with the highest quality of legal guidance. Want to see if we can help? Call our office in Rockville, Maryland today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys and begin your path toward a resolution. We also serve individuals and families in Frederick County, Prince George's County and Howard County, Maryland.

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Decisions regarding personal injury, family law, and criminal defense can leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. When it comes to handling legal matters that affect you and your family's future, place Mohammadi & Humayun Attorneys at Law in Rockville, Maryland on your side.

Our attorneys can remove the uncertainties of the legal process and ensure that your wishes are at the heart of every strategic move we make. Don't let the complex legal system keep you from moving forward with your life.

If you are facing criminal charges, divorce, or have been hurt in an accident, you don't have the face the legal system alone. Mohammadi & Humayun Attorneys at Law has been helping individuals tackle their difficult legal matters for over a decade and can help you, too.

We proudly serve the communities of Prince George's County, Montgomery County, Frederick County, and Howard County. Reach out to Mohammadi & Humayun Attorneys at Law today to schedule a consultation.