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Slip & Falls Attorneys in Rockville, Maryland

Slip and fall or trip and fall incidents are very common occurrences and can have devastating and long-lasting effects. If you have experienced and slip and fall injury, you need a lawyer to protect your rights. Depending on the location of your fall and the injuries you receive, a slip and fall claim could become quite complex. The attorneys at Mohammadi & Humayun, LLC can help. Contact us today for your free consultation via our online contact form.

We handle many types of slip and fall cases, including:

  • Falls caused by Broken sidewalks

  • Snow or ice

  • Poor lighting

  • Cracked or damaged steps or potholes

  • Puddles of fluid on the ground

  • Loose mats or rugs

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Whether your injury resulted from a fall on the street, at work, or in a restaurant and retail establishment, you may have a legal recourse to recover for your injuries. These types of incidents are often the responsibility of the property owner or municipality that failed to fix the dangerous or defective condition. These property owners have a duty to ensure that their properties are free from dangerous conditions that might cause injury and to warn you of such dangers. Their failure to do so can lead to liability in personal injury cases.

Most individuals are not aware that if you are injured on government property or a municipality may otherwise be implicated, there are strict tort claim notices that you must follow with strict filing requirements that make suing a municipality more difficult than suing a private citizen, business, or corporation. The attorneys at Mohammadi & Humayun, LLC are experienced in handling claims against the government and municipalities.

Regardless of who you think may be responsible for your injuries, time is of critical importance. Contact us today for your free consultation via our online contact form.