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Maryland Marijuana Laws: What You Need to Know

Mohammadi & Humayun, LLC March 27, 2023

Marijuana leaf and a wooden gavel on wood background In the state of Maryland, a person may be arrested and charged with a drug crime for the unlawful possession, sale, delivery, or manufacture of controlled substances. Until recently, the possession or use of marijuana (cannabis) for medical or recreational purposes in the state was considered illegal. However, Marylanders have voted to legalize the substance, and this year is set to bring forth various changes to Maryland's marijuana laws. 

At Mohammadi & Humayun, LLC, we give skilled legal guidance and comprehensive representation to clients in their drug crimes charges. Our trusted Maryland criminal defense attorneys are available to discuss your situation and tell you about everything you need to know about the new changes to Maryland's marijuana laws. We're proud to serve clients across Rockville, Howard County, Montgomery County, Fredrick County, and Prince George's County, Maryland. 

Understanding Maryland Marijuana Laws  

In Maryland, marijuana is categorized as a Schedule I controlled substance. As a result, the illegal possession and use of marijuana is an offense. However, qualifying patients are allowed to use medical cannabis in the state, including: 

  • Patients with debilitating or chronic diseases or medical problems. 

  • Patients who have a chronic disease with symptoms such as severe pain, seizures, nausea, anorexia, and muscle spasms. 

  • Patients diagnosed with severe health conditions but can achieve relief through medical use of marijuana. 

In addition, all qualifying patients must be registered, have a valid written certification from a registered medical provider, and have a temporary Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) Patient ID card. Although, cannabis possession and use have now been legalized in Maryland. The new marijuana laws will take effect on July 1, 2023. 

New Marijuana Law (Beginning July 1, 2023)  

Under Maryland's new marijuana laws, the possession and use of small amounts of cannabis or marijuana products are legal in the state. Starting from July 1, 2023, state-licensed shops are allowed to sell recreational cannabis to consumers who are at least 21 years old. However, there is still a limit on the amount of cannabis that a person can possess or cultivate at a particular time. 


Under Maryland's new marijuana laws, individuals are allowed to possess the following: 

  • Up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis. 

  • Up to 12 grams of concentrated cannabis. 

  • Cannabis products with up to 750 milligrams of delta-9-TCH. 


According to Maryland's new marijuana laws, it is legal to grow up to two (2) cannabis plants in your home for personal use. 


However, cannabis is still illegal under federal law. Hence, you are not allowed to transport or carry cannabis across state lines. For this reason, it is illegal to enter or leave Maryland with cannabis or any cannabis products. 

Federal Marijuana Laws  

Under federal laws, marijuana remains illegal. In fact, marijuana is categorized as a Schedule I controlled substance, alongside cocaine, hallucinogens (LSD), and heroin. These are drugs with a high potential for abuse and little to no known medical purpose. Hence, under federal law, the illegal possession, sale, manufacture, and delivery of cannabis are punishable. 

Possible Penalties 

Drug offenses in Maryland usually attract far-reaching punishments. Depending on the quantity of marijuana, the defendant's criminal history, and other surrounding circumstances, a defendant convicted of marijuana violation could face any of these penalties and consequences: 

  • Lengthy prison sentences (ranging from months, years, or decades). 

  • Hefty fines and court fees. 

  • Probation. 

  • A criminal record/history. 

  • Mandatory drug treatment classes. 

  • Increased difficulty in getting public benefits. 

  • Increased difficulty in getting a job or accommodation. 

  • Increase difficulties in securing a scholarship, education, and career opportunities. 

  • Inability to carry, own, or possess a gun or firearm. 

  • Ineligibility for some financial loans. 

  • Loss of right to vote during elections. 

  • Increased difficulty traveling to other countries. 

  • Damages to personal and professional relationships. 

A strategic Maryland drug crimes defense attorney can determine the best defenses to fight your charges and help you avoid the devastating penalties of a marijuana conviction. 

Understand Your Rights 

When arrested and charged with marijuana violation, getting experienced guidance is crucial to understand your rights and ensure that you do not suffer the maximum punishments. At Mohammadi & Humayun, LLC, our attorneys have the practice and resources to defend and protect individuals facing marijuana violation charges from the worst possible situation. 

As your legal team, we can investigate all of the facts of your case and outline a solid defense to help fight your charges. Using our broad knowledge of Maryland's marijuana laws, we can help you navigate the state's criminal justice system. Our reliable legal team will fight for your freedom and help keep your record as clean as possible. 

Facing marijuana violation allegations can be scary. Don't face them alone. Contact us at Mohammadi & Humayun, LLC, today to schedule a case assessment. Our highly-skilled attorneys have the reliable representation and detailed guidance you need in your case. We proudly serve clients across Rockville, Howard County, Montgomery County, Fredrick County, and Prince George's County, Maryland.